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Sonny Pike was well known as bring England's biggest prospect in the mid-late 90's. He was well known for his technical ability and scoring 100's of goals per season. Sonny was the only English kid ever to be approached & to go to the famous Ajax Academy. At the age of 13 his legs were insured for £1 Million after winning Sky Sports Awards in 1995 & 1996. Sonny become famous for being the Coca Cola Kid @ Wembley Stadium showing my ball skills in front off 80,000 people... 

Sonny played at Leyton Orient, Chelsea FC, QPR, Crystal Palace and finished up with Stevenage FC & Barnet FC. Sonny is now using his past experience to help young players come through the game, and help with the pressure the modern game brings by talking to Academy's, School's, etc...


Sonny is also using his skills and experience to develop the football training programs offering individuals the opportunity to receive high quality 1-2-1 coaching tailored to their needs and focused on their goals, after having lots of experience in the game which is now over 15 years... (All Ages & Abilities welcome)


Sonny Pike on life  as a football prodigy


Back to the future: Sonny Pike returns to Ajax


Sonny Pike catches up with sky sports

How Sonny Pike, the wonderkid, is guiding young players
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